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Monday, March 1, 2010

Some friendly small-talk followed by snowballing

The review of documentary photographs and video is conclusive. In a city that boasts at least 15,000 bicycle commuters, the freely (dis)organized event known as "Critical Mass" consisted of 3 cyclists this past Friday. Admittedly, the commuter statistic is derived from fair-weather riders between the months of April and October, but one would think that with this kind of population density, you could get at least 5 people to commute together on bicycles even in the dead of winter. They can do it in Anchorage Alaska. I don't know if the kids are turning this particular phrase anymore these days, but c'mon NYC, that is some weak sauce. This is lamer than an Obama presidency.

In fact, "Critical Mass" proved last week that it is easier to get people engaged in inane task of throwing snowballs at a monument, than to ride a bike this time year. This photo does not show it, but several passers-by, including a little girl, joined in coating this rock-hard tower in a fresh white splatter of snow.

You have two ways to redeem yourself.

First, vote your excuse(s) the comments section. "I skipped Critical Mass because...
A) is too cold and wet
B) ...I am afraid of the police who happen to be at Union Square at the same time
C) ...Critical Mass is outdated/irrelevant/lame in today's utopian/fascist/cool society
D) ...I had to ________, and that was really fun and important

Second, come out to where the spirit of the mass lives free, on the 1st Friday ride coming up this week, Union Square North at 7pm. It is going to be a toasty 40+ degrees! Break out your Hawaiian t-shirt and leave the gloves at home. The authorities are certainly not going to happen to be there.

Well, do ride safe if you decide that cold biking is cool. Hope to see you in the streets, on two wheels, or two feets!


  1. I'm sorry I didn't come out. I had a new bike I'm still getting used too and I was a bit afraid about riding in the snow. I'll try hard to catch you next time. Good article. Keep the faith.

  2. Thanks. I don't mean to be guilt tripping anyone. Clearly I am living in denial of winter. Our wildest spring dreams will soon be coming true!